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Let it out ... how journaling helps relieve stress

Ever feel like you have no one to talk to? Feel like there is so much going on in your mind you can’t sort your thought? When you feel that way write it down and let it out

As a child I journaled heavily. it was one of the only time I could let my thought andemotions out unfiltered. It was my safe space and I didn’t have many of those growing up.

When I was no longer allowed to journal it caused me to have so many feelings and thought bottles up continuously and it began to effect my health I was sick more often I would have panic attacks and I just was unhappy.

Journaling allowed me to LET IT OUT by both using that energy to write and by reflecting and acknowledging how I actually felt which was needed. My stress level went down I had less anxiety and I was able to release.

when I decided to write my first book I started writing about being a mom. I’m still working on that still pouring into what that means from me and a lot of the things I’m using came from my journals. So when I decided what I would publish first it came from what I knew had Venice’s me for so long not only to manage my emotions but to plan for the changes I wanted to make. Your don’t need my 30 day journal to journal. It’s a good place to start but you can use paper . You can use the note app on your phone just do it LET IT OUT it doesn’t serve you to carry all that around.

start small it doesn’t have to be a daily entry try once a week. if You realize you have more to let out do it more often . Just know it a a personal jounral and a personal journey. Do what works for you . If you lovely or hate it come back and share your experiences and if you need tips send us a message.

As always,

Coaching for the Culture

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